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Have you ever wished for a quick guide to know how far apart to plant your tomatoes? Or, maybe you're wondering how deep to plant those cucumber seeds? Then this resource is for you.

Above you will find a quick drop-down menu for many of the major garden crops with easy-to-read, detailed information for each one. Information including:


  • Soil and Nutrient Requirements
  • Position (full sun or shade)
  • Seeding Depth
  • Seeding Rate
  • Plant Spacing
  • Row Spacing
  • When to Sow
  • Frost Tolerance


  • Drought Tolerance
  • Heat Tolerance
  • Harvest
  • Storage
  • Pest Information
  • Disease Information
  • Seed Saving Instructions
  • And more...


And now, go search for your veggie above! The growing information is provided by the High Mowing Organic Seed Company which is an excellent resource for quality organic seeds.

Also, QUICK TIP: On the top of each growing info page you'll see a link for a printable version. That way you can print it out and take it with you wherever you want to go. Just thought you'd like to know... Enjoy! 🙂