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    Class Worksheet

    We are supposed to remember things better when we write them down... and so here's a great worksheet to go along with the class! Space has been provided for those who would like to take notes.

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    Class Resource List

    How would you like to be a click away from the resources discussed in the class? Well, here's your chance! This document contains a list of the products and/or resources discussed is the class.

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    BONUS: Winter Gardening Cheat Sheet

    Inside our Winter Gardening Cheat Sheet you'll find winter gardening tips on how to know which veggies to grow when it's freezing cold outside, why timing can make or break your winter harvest, practical ways to protect your veggies, and more!

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    BONUS: Garden to Abundance Game Plan Mindmap

    Every successful garden needs a game plan and in this mindmap you get to download ours for free. It'll help you know what you need to focus on and what steps you should be doing at each stage of your garden. Plus... you'll find a few bonus goodies like a short list of our favorite tools and seed companies. 🙂

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    BONUS: Garden to Abundance Game Plan Mindmap (Printable Version)

    Here's the mindmap in a more printable version. The other one tends to print out very small. It's great for looking at on the computer but this one will be easier to see (more outline form) when printed out.

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