Uber for Gardening: How to Make a Living Growing Food For Your Neighbors


Uber for Gardeners

Why should anyone have to walk more than 20 ft from their kitchen to get some spinach, berries, and kale? Why should anyone have to buy herbs? If everyone has access to clean air in America, shouldn’t we all have access to clean food? We all know the benefits to eating clean organic produce. We all know the benefits to the soil and to human life if we garden and grew our own food as Born to Grow recently featured, and yet more do not do it. How about we try changing it together while making you some money?

Terraformers.com is a new online platform (like “Uber for Edible Landscaping”) based in Palo Alto, CA connecting home owners and restaurants to professional gardeners like you, so they can hire you to grow food on their property. We also partner with non-profits who will harvest and donate the excess to food banks to help reduce local hunger. The goal is to provide access to personalized edible gardens, which costs less and are twice as fresh as grocery store produce.

We want to kill three birds with one stone: giving organic gardeners a platform to make more money, growing organic edible gardens everywhere, and feeding the less fortunate. Just imagine if there’s no longer a hungry person in your community! All this can be accomplished by gardeners like you and you do not need to make a website or get a new username.

Why not grow gardens in your community and get paid for it?

You see, at Terraformers.com, we really believe food should be grown where humans live. This is why we want to normalize edible landscaping especially for busy people and non-gardeners. We all know someone who would do anything but garden. And in reality, some people just will not make the time to garden. Does this mean their herbs, fruits, and vegetables should not be grown where they live? This is where we hope you can help us – armed with your Born to Grow gardening knowledge. Why not grow gardens in your communities and be paid for it? You would be empowered by the changes you make in your communities as you help to improve nutritious food consumption, save water, reduce local hunger, and help your neighbors save money.

We all need to be stewards of our bodies, our communities, and our planet. This is why the team at Terraformers is eager to help busy non-gardeners to make a difference with their lawn or backyard space and we need your help to grow vegetables. Kindly visit terraformers.com and sign up to garden and feed everyone near you.

Like the idea? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

[author] [author_info]Ezinne founded Terraformers.com because in a previous life, after being a NASA spacecraft engineer for 13 years, it did not make sense that we had tools to visit Mars yet hunger still existed on a degrading Earth. Ezinne began gardening in a local community garden and realized everyone could benefit from fresher produce. She also believes food should be grown where people live. [/author_info] [/author]

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  • Carla Paylor Rhodes

    Reply Reply February 11, 2021

    Hey Paul –

    I met you at the AdAgra conference in Glen Rose, Texas and signed up for a class on personalized gardening. I don’t remember the website information & was hoping you could re-educate me on what the $20 a month includes & the website/contact information. Thank you so much & i look forward to hearing from you!

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