How to Feed the Whole USA? This One Resource Could Do It

Check this out: The Food Revolution Network, one of the foremost voices on healthy eating and food transparency, just came out with a fantastic blog post:

They point out that “the space American lawns occupy could provide enough land to grow more fruits and vegetables than are now eaten by the entire nation’s population.” Wow! They go on to include some incredible statistics from Urban Plantations, comparing lawns versus gardens: Gardens use less water, are better for the environment, and better for our health. And they can be grown even in small spaces and unconventional spots. We have an unused resource, all around us. Turn your lawn into a beautiful, life-giving garden! Need help gardening? Get it here. Master Your Garden: Less stress. Less weeds. More Food! Click here... Like it? Please share this with your friends and leave us a note in the comments below. We always love to hear from you!

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