Floating Row Covers, Plastic, Accessories and Resources

Here are some resources for purchasing floating row covers, plastic, or other season extension materials:

Row Covers and Accessories - Johnny's Selected Seeds

Floating Row Covers, Supports, and Plastic
Seven Springs Farm (they do custom cuts)

Building a High Tunnel or Caterpillar Tunnel

Purchase a kit from Farmer's Friend (my cousin Jonathan). This is one of the most cost effective options unless you want to do everything from scratch!

Click Here to Get Your Caterpillar Tunnel Kit

Here is an instruction mannual from Johnny's Selected Seeds on using their Quick Hoops™ High Tunnel Bender to build your own metal high tunnel out of 1 3/8" fence top rail:

Build Your Own High Tunnel - Johnny's Selected Seeds (PDF)

Here is how Windflower Farm made their own caterpillar tunnels:

Caterpillar Tunnels at Windflower Farm - University of Vermont (PDF)