Bed Preparation Tools

Broadfork (suggested)
Spading Fork (Digging Fork)
Three Prong Cultivator (suggested)
Bed Preparation Rake (suggested)

Hand Held Soil Blockers

3/4" Mini Soil Blocker
1 1/2" Soil Blocker (suggested)
2" Soil Blocker (suggested)
4" Large Soil Blocker

Full Size Stand-Up Soil Blockers

1 1/2" Soil Blocker
2" Soil Blocker
3" Soil Blocker

Dibble Set

Dibbles are used for making different sized impressions on the top of each soil block or for making a larger square impression for either potting on smaller plants germinated in the mini blocks or for seeding large seeds.

Soil Block Propagation Trays

Propagation trays are useful for handling and transporting your soil blocks around.